Bankrupt Missouri Forces State Reps To Paddle To Capitol

molegislatorstraveltojeffcityApparently Missouri hasn’t changed much since the days o’ Samuel Clemens and his many fictitious rapscallions, who floated the Mississip’ and changed the course of… uh, junior high reading curricula. Now five Show Me legislators, starved of travel funding, are floating from some place called “Sugar Creek” — what is this, an Allman Brothers song? — all the way to Jeff City. The lesson? Um… rivers are big. And slow. Cue the appropriate music:

They left just after 8 a.m. and will spend the night in Boonville.

The legislators said they want to find ways to make the riverfront of the Missouri River more useful to the state both for business and recreation.

Find ways to make the riverfront more useful? How about, um, letting nature take its course? And couldn’t we just, you know, ask DNR about this?

Check out the boat in that photo, by the way: we’ve come a long way since our rafting days, no?


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