Fox 4 Morning Show Talent Pretty Much Just Drinking All Day Now

fox4morningstafforsoitwouldseemIt takes a certain amount of zest to make a morning show work — in addition to caffeine, I suppose. One needs to assemble a proper staff of gently humorous anchors, zany weathermen, and the loose cannon traffic guy who always dresses in black and spends most of him time grumbling about the helicopter. Fox 4 — home of the lamest graphics in town, no question — decided to add one other ingredient to the morning melange, it would seem: firewater. Check out this video in their “Fox 4 Funnies” section, and pay special attention to the end.

Encouraging drinking? That early in the morning? For shame, Mark Alford. Besides, isn’t it obvious that the entire staff has already been hitting the sauce? That uncomfortably tense “serenity now” moment is evidence enough. Of course, that’s not the worst thing Don Harman has ever done…

That laugh haunts my dreams.


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