In Which A Rambling, Defensive Alonzo Washington Denounces Us As ‘Blogger Haters’

alonzosfeelingstowardusWell, we probably should have known this was coming. Just hours after we gently poked fun at his be-undershirted hostage interrogation interview on KMBC, local crimefighter and prolific MySpace user Alonzo Washington has declared the humble staff of this site to be nothing more than a smug group of “haters,” as The Kids (or Whitlock) would say. A-Dub struck back against our perceived jackassery with great vengeance and furious anger in a post on his — of course — MySpace blog, the favored venue of 2005. His sic‘d rebuttal:


I was on Ch.9 & KPRS just to fight the good fight. I was trying to get tips in local homicides. That’s all.  Pretty noble, right.  Yet, the fact that I have been so successful with my efforts I get haters who attack me. Never mine I have increased tips in the city & solved some crimes in the metro.  I guess it’s my style. The muscles, the T-shirts, the sunglasses & the cool toys. Yes I have a Omega-moble & a Pac Man machine in the Omega-Cave. So what.  I think my non-traditonal style is what make my thing work.  Why do people compare me to Al Sharpton?  He is not as cool as me.  He is out of shape & he has never solved a crime. Also the whole camera loving thing gets me. I have turned down so many  chances to be on TV this  year. Local press is not a factor to. I don’t care about it one way of another.  National press helps me the most.  When I look at all of this I know I am making a difference. WHAT I DO IS SPECIAL. When other activists are on TV no one cares.  When I am on TV blogger writes blogs, tipster gives tips, women take notice & haters hate.  When it is alll said in done I stay winning.  As long as you put my name out there you are making me more known. Futhermore, I did not write the bio on  Thanks. Read this.


Alonzo Washington

Raise high the roof beam, crimefighters! Like Ares comes the activist, taller far than a tall man! Where to begin with this lovely screed? The “never mine”? The curious shunning of rival angry man Al Sharpton as “not as cool as me” and “out of shape”? The neat summary of a man’s working life as follows: I guess it’s my style. The muscles, the T-shirts, the sunglasses & the cool toys?

Nah. We like Alonzo. He is, as he claims, doing noble work. As the man himself says, WHAT HE DOES IS SPECIAL. We just wish he’d at least throw on a t-shirt once in a while during an interview. A humble request, we’d contend.


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