OP Reaches New Heights Of Ridiculous Suburban Noun Combination

wheretheycombinenounsoddlyOverland Park, the sprawling suburb that seems to swallow its more diminutive rivals, has given the green light to an exciting new project way down yonder on ol’ 135th Street. It’s a geographically odd partnership with the American Museum of Natural History — uh, you guys know that’s in New York, right? — which also contains (of course) a ShoppingOfficeRestaurantGolfCondo megalopolis. You might expect some sort of classy name for this development, given its urbane counterpart out east. And that’s exactly what the developers cho — wait, what the hell? Seriously?

Called Prairiefire at LionsGate, the 1.4 million-square-foot project will offer upscale shopping, offices, restaurants, entertainment, golf course villas, loft apartments, condominiums and a hotel.

The project will include a Native Wetlands Interpretive Walk, a one-acre park for music and events, a bike/hike trail and a butterfly garden.

“Prairiefire at LionsGate”? Even with the existing LionsGate complex, this is pretty ludicrous. Does OP have some kind of codex that matches idyllic-sounding nouns? What could have possibly been discarded in the name competition? OakStream at TigerRoar? ElmhurstCarriage at BrookGarden? DoveCrossing at HawthorneWoods?

Oh, and “Native Wetlands Interpretive Walk”? Looks like the staff at Reed College designed this place.


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