Star Sports Blog Dabbles In Austrian Philosophy

wiselyusedinuponfurtherreviewThe Star boasts some pretty mediocre offerings when it comes to the blog department — ahem — but for some time we’ve been fans of Upon Further Review, the paper’s SABRish, by-the-numbers blog. It fires much-deserved shots across the bow of the Tim McCarvers of the world, and provides a nice analytical take of local sports franchises. And imagine our surprise when we got a glimpse of today’s Favre-centric post and espied a photo of Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosophy megastar and hero of linguistics nerds the world over. They use a famous quote of his (complete with anachronistic spelling!) to describe the media madness behind the Brett debacle, but that’s not the extent of this blog’s good stuff:

And as for Favre Fatigue, is that really his fault? Or is it the result of a ubiquitous media blare that never shuts down? The information machine not only never stops churning, but it has a nasty tendency to grab hold of one particular batch of high-octane fuel and burn every last drop.

Huh. From the sea of gray flannel paragraphs emerges some well-dressed prose. Much of what you read on the Star‘s blogs isn’t worthy of a high school paper, but this one (along with Faith Matters, Dollars & Sense, Crime Scene KC, TV Barn, and Back to Rockville) stands as a contender. Nice work.


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