Hustle & Flow Charts

So it’s been an interesting day here at TBC. This evening, we were sitting back and going over how we got to this point in the absurdly ridiculous Battle O’ Bloggers — which, incidentally, is a wholly fabricated feud being built up by other bloggers — when we realized the only way to really retrace how a series of jokes about interview attire became a spat between a community activist and a bunch of folks who make jokes about stuff in their spare time was to break it down…flow chart style.




Filed under Alonzo, Race & Ethnicity

3 responses to “Hustle & Flow Charts

  1. s

    ok, you’re cracking me up with the tank top flowchart. but you ARE racists. I mean, come on. Aren’t we past all this cat and mouse?

    • Ryan

      Aren’t we past all this cat and mouse?

      And just what is that supposed to imply about four-legged creatures?!? Species-ist!

  2. Dino

    Incorrect, sir/madam. Simply poking fun at a person who happens to be African-American does not a racist make.

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