See, This Is Why We Can’t Just Leave Well Enough Alone

infinityAlonzo takes a moment to comment on a commenter who wrote a note on TKC’s post about faux racism:

The TKC Blog is on fire with people talking about me. Some good comments & many bad ones.  Blogs are made for haters. I am always shocked when I hear good things about myself on them. Yet, I do hear a lot of good things about myself on the blogs.  When I am out in public people always pay me homage.  I kind of hide from people because somedays it can turn into a swarm of people talking to me.  Now, I am going to keep this short. I don’t want beef with any females.  Most females like me unless something is wrong with them.  I have a hater named Yancy Davis.  Check out this long blog of lies she wrote about me. It’s so full of emotion, pain & hate. I think she wants some. Damn, this girl’s panties starts to ride up in her when she begins to write about me. [emphasis Alonzo’s]

Alonzo, you’ve just answered your own questions as to why you believe you have “haters.” Do you really think that someone who makes such misogynist comments is deserving of blind respect? Your good work within the community is truly noble and can be effective, but then you proceed to undermine that good with this hardass act and mind-boggling crassness towards women. You endeavor to be a real-life hero, but you wouldn’t find Superman saying things like,  “most females like me unless something is wrong with them.” Unless, of course, it was after he’d been exposed to Red Kryptonite in Superman III. He was a bit out of character at that time.

We began this adventure by making some simple, harmless jokes about an interview Alonzo did with KMBC. However, after reading more of Mr. Washington’s posts, we see that he truly is a force consisting of conflicting qualities — on one hand, he’s got an amazing talent and passion for working on serious issues affecting Kansas City. We need more people with that sort of commitment. But on the other hand, the over-the-top self-promotion does not, as he claims, help bring attention to causes, but instead puts people off. It’s hard to build a true coalition for good when the person leading the charge seems more concerned with his image. We know that’s not Alonzo’s intention, but that’s how it comes across.

Tony noted that we and other local bloggers “have taken umbrage with Washington’s style that refuses to bow down to their cultural values.” Do we take umbrage with a style that involves denigrating women with sexual comments? We most certainly do. That is not a value.

Yancy is a coward. I told her to call me so I could find out what her beef is. She is scared to do that. I don’t think she could control herself. I know if I was not married she would be trying to rap to me.  She pays too much attention to me to not like me. I think she wants me.  Sorry, Yancy I am married unlike you.  However, you can call me if you ever want to work this out.  I donn’t have time for beefs & perfer to be nice to all females.

For someone who doesn’t “have time for beefs,” he seem to be taking any joke or critical comment awfully seriously. Perhaps Alonzo should look at people’s comments as less of an assault on character and more as feedback as to how to improve relations with other individuals and groups instead of calling them “haters”?

Alonzo also took time to respond to our most recent chapter in this inter-blog tennis match:

Do you think the people that I am trying to reach care about grammer & typos?  Do you think this many people would pay attention to me if my image was like Alvin Brooks’ or Jim Corwin’s.  Why do I get national press & set the blogs on fire.  Number one is that I am great at what I do. Number two is that I have a image.  Think about it. I am just a brother from the hood. My voice is not suppose to be heard.  Yet, it is.  I think my style, image & savvy makes that take p;ace. Thanks for all the attention Bovine.  I never heard of you all until you started attacking me.  Yet, ypu knew me.  I have that type of power.  Read this KC.

Okay, granted, we really played up the whole bad grammar thing. We have a thing about language, and we’ve been a little hard on Alonzo in that respect. It was all meant in good fun, though. It’s what we do here — this site exists for comedy, not commentary (in spite of this and recent posts). We make no claims of being a blog aimed at bettering the community — there are far better folks out there working that angle. The entire point of this site is to comment upon the foibles of life in the Kansas City area, including media figures, politicians and others. You don’t read The Onion for news on how to combat poverty, crime or economic distress; don’t go looking for it here.

We are reading this, Alonzo, and it makes us sad. You can really influence and inspire people in ways most of us cannot. It is a sort of “power,” as you say — but as another seminal comic book hero learned, with great power comes great responsibility. That includes the responsibility of being a good role model for young people, and speaking about women in a manner as you have done with Ms. Davis is hardly the stuff heroes are made of.

Interpret these comments as “attacks,” if you will, but know that we really are rooting for you to succeed.  You ask if we would pay attention to you if you were like Alvin Brooks or Jim Corwin — the fact is, when  good deeds get noticed, be it by one or one hundred, the word will get out. Attention for attention’s sake is not a good strategy. Will you squander that attention by writing about how you think a woman “wants some” from you?

Honestly, we have no agenda here other than to continue making observational humor about whatever happens to be in the news. We’re going to leave Alonzo to his work — we wish him the best, and hope he knows that we really mean it.



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  1. Ryan

    When I am out in public people always pay me homage.

  2. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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