Funkhouser Looks To Sport-Themed ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Wagering As Potential Solution To Public Funding

jesus-footballGoverning, schmoverning:

Funkhouser, other mayors to be in charity fantasy football league with $15,000 prize

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser and the mayors of 10 other cities will compete in a fantasy football league that could mean $30,000 for the Police Athletic League. The champion of the Yahoo!-sponsored mayoral face-off will receive $15,000 for a non-profit sports program. Funkhouser chose the Police Athletic League.

Unfortunately, Funkhouser got off to a rocky start when he chose a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as an offensive lineman. Wrong kind of defense skills, chief. In addition, he tasked city planners with developing a new fantasy football stadium to be funded by the fantasy taxpayers through a fantasy hotel and rental car fee.

It’s nice that the money goes to charity and all, and we’re really not going to begrudge the mayor his enjoyment of a harmless piece of leisure, but couldn’t he, you know, appoint someone else to handle this?  Or form an Ad Hoc Committee For Pretend Sports? It could meet at the same time the Task Force for Computer Solitaire gathers.

That reminds us…when do the fantasy local government elections begin?



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3 responses to “Funkhouser Looks To Sport-Themed ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Wagering As Potential Solution To Public Funding

  1. gd

    D&D players at least admit they’re geeks, unlike all you fantasy sports guys who cloak their geekiness behind “sports.”

  2. Dino

    That is a bizarre double standard, isn’t it? Personally, I would much rather see a D&D office pool.

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