Prolix Star Columnist Finally Goes One Wistful Analogy Too Far

cwgusewelleinhisusualposeWe’ve long been known as mockers of C.W. Guswelle, the Star‘s old-man-in-chief and purple prose aficionado. Of course, we mostly go after him for his long disquisitions on which animals may or may not populate his backyard, but whatever. It seems C-dub has at long last pressed the wrong buttons of the paper’s readers. You see, this Sunday’s column went after the GOP pretty strongly, and the metro area’s very vocal minority let loose in the comments section. (Random example: Of course they are the party of NO. No to new taxes, no to communism, no to marxism, no to regulations, no to government take-over, no to socialism, no to liberals who hate freedom. Yes, very cogent.) The task of cleaning up this mess, of course, fell to Star ombudsman and perpetually-dyspeptic-looking man Derek Donovan, who handles complaints on the matter:

I’ve heard from many readers who object to C.W. Gusewelle’s Sunday column on the front of the Local section, where he goes after Republicans pretty strongly.

“He’s entitled to what he wants to believe,” said one, “but we have plenty of Republican bashing in the Opinion section. Why does he get that space to write about things we don’t care his opinion on?”

As always, I have no purview over the content of opinion columns, so long as they don’t contain errors of concrete fact. After all, they’re clearly labeled as “commentary,” and “fair” will always be in the eye of the beholder.

Poor Double D. He’s charged with the deeply unenviable task of responding to clauses like “write about things we don’t care his opinion on.” In any event, the readers raise a good question: should C-dub stick to wistful memories of his Dr. Doolittle adventures as long as he’s on the Local page? Or does his status as local voice of record — however misguided that designation may be — entitle him to hold forth on any topic he chooses? We say that as long as C-dub helps fulfill the tenets of the Official C.W. Gusewelle Drinking Game, he can write anything he wants.


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  1. Many of us old folks LOVE Charles. If you don’t like him, don’t read his stuff. It’s that simple.

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