Kennedy’s Passing Greeted With Typical Reverence In Star Comments Section

starcommentersreactiontokennedypassingThe passing of the youngest Kennedy brother has certainly attracted the attention of the media, but what about the real source of the vox populi? We refer of course to the Star‘s comments section, always the reliable source of reason, calm, and fairness. Here is what the voices of Kansas City are saying about the death and the accompanying political consequences, all sic‘d for delightful authenticity:

The headline should read: MARY JO KOPECHNE finally get justice…

Great American/ fat drunk/at last…

Drunken, misogynous philanderer finally runs out of appeals to a higher authority…

Ted Kennedy was a drunk liberal who killed a woman when he ran from an accident he caused.
He was never jailed and it was swept under the rug…

He has done more harm to the American people than any foreign enemy could…

HE F***ING KILLED SOMEONE, so spare me the bleeding heart BS…

Sorry Libs, but America is a tad bit more safe from demise with Kennedy out of the picture.

Ah, how lovely. Today we tip our cap to you, Star commenters, who can always find the voice of reflection in a time of upheaval. Truly inspiring.


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One response to “Kennedy’s Passing Greeted With Typical Reverence In Star Comments Section

  1. gd

    Human life is only reverant to them when it makes good talking point

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