Mark and Gloria Buy Themselves A Whole New Woooorld…

funkandgloriaonthenewcarpetProfessional litigant and occasional mayor Mark Funkhouser has finished remodeling his office — you may recall it was damaged by the trodding of bare feet rain — and the cost is… well, it’s a lot. Now, the 70 large figure may jump off the page as the very definition of extraneous costs, but bear in mind some of it was basic upkeep and maintenance. However: the Persian rug? Bought from out of state? For 8 grand? Really? You can’t find something decent at NFM for a couple hundred bucks? Here’s the complete list, courtesy of the non-blinking Russ Ptacek:

$8,000 Antique Kashan Persian Rug 13’ x 16’

$9,750.00 Custom stained walnut flooring

$1,287.99 Sofa 3 Seat

$3,082.59 7 Guest Chairs

$811.24 Lounge Chair

$498.68 Ottoman

$146.25 Yards Cappuccino Fabric

$60.00 Desk Lamp

$245.00 Floor Lamp

$648.00 2 French Gate Lamps

$652.08 2 End Tables

$40,000 Ceiling Repair

$2,495.00 Furniture Refinishing

$2,500 Removal of old carpet/clean up

$70,177 Estimated Costs Total

French gate lamps? A $500 ottoman? Look, we understand that there’s a certain amount of decorum that accompanies a chief executive’s office, but must our culture’s execs always buy such expensive stuff? The rest of us shop at Target — can’t these guys do it, too? Might be a nice way to avoid spending controversies, eh?


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