Chiefs Acknowledge Inevitability, Forfeit Season

chiefsfaceuptowhatshappeningAnd so the 2009-2010 season comes to a merciful end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team, apparently admitting to itself that it doesn’t stand much of a chance against anyone this season, has decided to just avoid the suspense and declare the season over during the preseason. So it seems, anyway, based on this inspiring write-up in today’s Star. Quarterback? Hurt. Offensive coordinator? Fired. Head coach? Typically brusque and Rumsfeldian in his answers. Man, we can’t wait to get out to Camarohead for a game!

It was the most bizarre day in what has been a year of upheaval for the Chiefs.

With three days left until the final preseason game, offensive coordinator Chan Gailey was fired on Monday. Matt Cassel, the new quarterback with a big contract and injured knee, not only was nowhere to be seen, but because he was unavailable to practice, head coach Todd Haley would not acknowledge his existence.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! Cassel has been spirited away to an undisclosed location, and those poor souls cursed with season tickets are heading for the exits. So is there anything positive happening at the endless parking lot that is the Truman Sports Complex? Well… there are some sweet renovations to look forward to. Um, hooray? Watching a team go 0-16 is much more luxurious in a taxpayer-financed pleasure palace, after all.


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