Nurses Trick Lost, Confused Old Man With Plastic Baby


So here is former man of stature John Sidney McCain III, who dropped by our fair city yesterday in between reruns of Matlock, where he got a lesson in fake medicine. This Potemkin village of health care was hastily assembled to provide a good photo op educate the senator on the ins and outs of health care reform — and to save this Cabbage Patch doll’s life.

While in town, McCain (along with Kit Bond and Mitch “Turtle Man” McConnell) blasted the prospect of increased spending on health care — you know, because our current system is just the very picture of efficiency.

They blasted President Barack Obama’s vision of health care reform, calling it outlandishly expensive, and predicted it could lead to rationing and outsized budget deficits for years to come.

“No country can continue to spend more than it takes in,” said McCain after touring Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Yeah, good thing these three gents never supported any misguided cause that’s also bankrupting our country. Wait, what?


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