Kansas City Dating Scene Officially Hits Rock Bottom, Fake-Arrests Self

theplaceattendedbythiskcdatingrascalIt’s long been said around these parts that KC is just a terrible place for young singles — barring the hookup-heavy primordial ooze of Power & Light, the fratty Plaza bar scene, and the hipster epicenter of Westport — but never has that maxim been on such stark display. What’s this city coming to when one can’t even impersonate a police officer to seal the deal with a woman? And after taking her on a fancy date to McDonald’s, no less!

The woman called police about midnight Tuesday saying that she was on a date with the man, but got a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. When she tried to end the date, they got into an argument and he threatened to arrest her if she didn’t go to his home, she told police.

Police responded to the McDonald’s restaurant at W. 87th Street and Mauer Road where the woman told them that she was in the early stages of a relationship with a man who was passing himself off as a police officer, said Sgt. Gary Graniewski.

Long and winding is the road of love, sir, but one hardly needs to engage in such duplicity. Might we suggest perhaps choosing a less high-profile profession next time? Just say you’re a plumber: good money, good security, and you can work in a good Shop Class as Soulcraft reference. And hey, if you’re gonna spring for fast food, at least make it Arby’s.


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