Axe-Wielding Mini-Ferrigno Ruins Renaissance Festival Opening


Quite a sight to behold from the Star‘s collection of Ye Olde Renaissance Festival And Feast Of Merlin Mead-Faire pictures. Apparently this wee lad misinterpreted this year’s “pirate adventure” theme as “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” Very odd. Of course, that’s not the only weird sight to be found in these pictures, which contain as much innocent nerdery and cringe-inducing decolletage as you can handle…

There’s Sickly Jerry Lewis:


Not to be outdone by Hippie Who Thought This Was Burning Man:


The “I swear I’m not a narc” guy:


Or kimono-clad Ol’ Prospector:


Good to see Dom DeLuise made it out:


There’s wannabe Tom Jones Guy — and is that a bottle of Cherry Pepsi he’s holding? Way to be authentic, man.


Then there’s Druid King selling fake Rolexes under his frock:


And finally, there’s… this.


Happy Medieval-ing, everyone.



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2 responses to “Axe-Wielding Mini-Ferrigno Ruins Renaissance Festival Opening

  1. gd

    Another great one. Killer headline!

  2. Wow.

    The Renaissance Festival is eerier than normal – it brought Dom DeLuise back from the dead.

    Death looks good on him, though. It looks as though he dropped some weight.

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