Shameless Kansans Steal Money-Losing Project From Bankrupt KCMO

wycostealingthewizardsfromkcmoWell, score another one for the Sunflower State. Looks like those dastardly rogues in charge of the cesspool that is Wyandotte County thought it appropriate to swoop in and snatch the Kansas City Wizards stadium deal from the hands of the groveling KCMO taxpayers and city officials. And just when the project was going so… well? In an article entitled “Wizards stadium kicked over the state line to Wyandotte County” — ah, yes, I see what you did there — the Star‘s Kevin Collison details just how this highway robbery occurred. Imagine the nerve: wanting to put a sports stadium in the middle of a burgeoning development that’s actually making money, instead of a pie-in-the-sky plan to build a stadium where nothing else succeeds! It’s ludicrous.

The developer working for OnGoal LLC, the owner of the Kansas City Wizards, has prepared a stadium plan for a site owned by Nebraska Furniture Mart. The developer is asking state and county officials to use revenues from the existing sales tax revenue bonds, also known as STAR bonds, issued for the Village West retail district to help finance the project.

To sweeten its proposal, OnGoal, whose ownership group includes Neal Patterson and Cliff Illig, co-founders of Cerner, has included a 600,000-square-foot office project that Wyandotte County officials confirmed would house new Cerner employees.

Fear not, citizens of the MO side! Surely there is a tall, bearded crusader who shall fight to the death to retain what has long been rightfully ours… right?

Mayor Mark Funkhouser said the city had been working to do whatever it could to keep the development, but that STAR bonds presented a formidable competition.

“We have put together a very aggressive package,” the mayor said. “I would very much like to keep the development here, but not at any price.”

Oh, so… not so much. Fine, then. Take the team, WyCo. But just see how the team likes living amidst the poverty and boredom and strip mall megalopolis you offer. Eventually, the Wizards will come crawling back to us — and we’ll still be able to offer them the Bannister site, because what the hell else are we going to use it for?


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One response to “Shameless Kansans Steal Money-Losing Project From Bankrupt KCMO

  1. JS

    KCMO is a mess. It has no focus. Its land area is so huge that it can’t sustain itself. You fix one problem in one area of town and you take your eye off of the other problems in another area. The land grab of the 50’s and 60’s is coming home to roost. How can a city with such land area be able to sustain itself? It can’t.

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