Kansas City Patriots Rush To Rep. Shouty Shouterson’s Defense

joewilsonatthehealthcarespeechSo did you watch President Hope’s big health care speech last night? If you did, then you know the real story — at least according to our always vigilant Fourth Estate — was the outburst by South Carolina’s Joe Wilson, who accused El Jefe of playing fast and loose with the facts. Wilson, whose “You lie!” exclamation was truly the acme of logic and reason, today finds himself joining Joe the Plumber and Rick Santelli in the ranks of Right-Wing Heroes unafraid to tell the truth. Semper fi, sir. And where do such Heroes© find the most heartfelt words of congratulations? Why, in that last bastion of wisdom and sensibility: the Star comments section. Here, sic‘d for your pleasure, are some choice words from your neighbors in praise of Joey W.:

The check is in the Mail , that guy is Awesome …

Joe Wilson, American Patriot…

It’s true. Illegals are included in the ‘Bill’. So that is a ‘LIE’…

Wilson’s comment was the only thing of truth said in that chamber last night. Today, I’m calling for the arrest of Obammer. He should be arrested and jailed for perjuring himself in front of Congress…

If your a liar, then wear those shoes!…

I like Wilson even more! Thanks for having the cohoneys for yelling it out. I wish he had also thrown his shoe.

Oh, how heartwarming. Only in the comments section do you find advocacy of violence against the president, praise for a man who violated centuries-old standards of decorum, and requests that someone who was not under oath be arrested for perjury. Bravo, Kansas City right-wingers. You continue to outdo yourselves.


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One response to “Kansas City Patriots Rush To Rep. Shouty Shouterson’s Defense

  1. Dino

    What, pray tell, is a “cohoney”? Some sort of honey-purchasing cooperative? A co-beau of sorts? (As in, “This here’s Edna, mah honey, and that raht’ cher’s Lurleen, mah co-honey.”)

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