Olathe Man Unironically Blames Government Expansion On Obama, Conveniently Forgets 2001-2009

larryfromolathescredoLarry Seitter from Olathe is mad. And how’s he going to vent his anger? Why, the same way we all do it: by penning a letter to the Star‘s editor, of course. You see, Larry is upset about the massive government overreach we’ve seen under President Change-ama, and yet he’s thankful that the man in question has stirred the populist anger of the silent majority. Hey, nice! I thought we’d seen that phrase retired with Agnew. He goes on, in semi-logical fashion:

I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress for the invaluable public service they have performed. By their aggressive actions they have done the impossible — awakened the sleeping giant of the silent majority.

They have unleashed their worst and most powerful of enemies — taxpayers — the ones paying for all these absurd, destructive and basically unconstitutional confiscations and redistributions of our private property. This rage is not a momentary passion. It is the result of decades of pent-up disgust and distrust at governmental undermining of the core American ethic of self-reliance, luring greater and greater numbers of citizens to become unproductive dependent wards of the state, always looking to government to resolve their every inconvenience.

This administration was the final straw, and it will discover that the deep opposition to expansionist government policies are only battlefronts in the larger war for limited government.

… land that I looooooooove…. Well-stated, Larry! There has been too much government expansion in the past decade. First there was that creation of an entirely new department in the federal government. Then there was that totally unnecessary use of government power overseas, costing billions of dollars a month. Let’s not forget the Medicare overhaul, or the expansion of government powers under that ludicrous acronym. And who could overlook the bank bailout package? Or the beginning of auto bailout money? Yes, it certainly has been a dark time for foes of federal power grabs.

Wait, what’s that? You say all those things occurred under the stewardship of Republican President George Walker Bush? The alleged fiscal conservative who left a gaping deficit the size of Iceland? Oh, silly us.



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2 responses to “Olathe Man Unironically Blames Government Expansion On Obama, Conveniently Forgets 2001-2009

  1. What makes you think we like ANY of it from any of the jackass politicians who are really screwing this country up? We don’t care if it was Bush , or Bama. We don’t like the crap we see. Get it? The Dem’s talked terrible about Bush but are surprised when it gets spit back at Bama? We are just fed up with both parties. Obama is just as full of shit as Bush. Both are liars.

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