Crazy Star Blogger Walter Winch Being Ignored By Whole Countries Now

oneofthoseignoringwalterwinchFor some time, we’ve been following the happenings over at KC Earth Notes, the Star‘s allegedly enviro-centric blog. Sadly, KCEN mostly ends up being crazy-centric thanks to the rambling missives of Professional Angry Man Walter Winch, who pens sprawling broadsides directed at oil companies, capitalists, and fans of good prose. His latest entry is no different, thank heaven: an open, sarcastic letter to the nation of Australia. Um, yeah. I guess he’s upset about global warming or something?

Dear Australia,

Stop worrying, some of America’s best minds have concluded that climate change is all a clever hoax, and nothing more than just a despicable con instigated by all those greedy scientists to get public funds for their useless, make-work projects…

They’ve got more important things to worry about, like lousy health care, rotten schools, endless wars, disappearing jobs, and a collapsing economic system. Give me a break!

Don’t worry Australia, be happy. Everything will work out for the best as my ex mother-in-law told us all the time.

Whoa. Catch that last part about his ex-mother-in-law? Uh… is Walter using the KC Earth Notes forum to vent some personal dirty laundry? And what about this part:

an occasional solar flare–a hiccup of moonbeams–so to speak;

Is that even a phrase? Please, Star higher-ups: could you send someone down to Walter’s desk, just to check on him? We’re seriously getting worried over here. And given that there are no comments on this post, it’s obvious that everyone from Canberra to Melbourne is ignoring him. Can he handle that blow to his pride? ‘e needs some attention, mate!


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