OP Leads Metro Area In Lonely 29-Year-Old Bombmakers Who Live With Their Parents

thestoryofoverlandparkbombmakersCongrats, Overland Park! You’re no longer just the province of ludicrously named development projects — you’re now the local leader in a category everyone wants to lead. Last night (this morning?) at 2 ante meridiem, OP police responded to a call on the north side of town, where a local 29-year-old rapscallion was quarrelling with his parents. He had made a mess in the basement, apparently. Where he lives. You know, with his parents. Reach for the stars, sir. The only problem? He was also keeping his bomb-makin’ stuff down there. Yipes.

Police arrested the man and while searching the house found suspicious, possibly volatile materials, Weaver said. The man was charged later in the day with misdemeanor property damage.

Police evacuated houses adjacent to the home and had other nearby residents take shelter in their basements or leave, Weaver said.

The department’s bomb squad has removed legal materials from the house that could be used to create explosive materials, Weaver said.

Come on, man. The first rule of bomb construction is that you do it off-site. Didn’t they teach you that in militia camp? And just now where are you going to stay? At your girlfriend’s chat room buddy’s house?


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