Operation Rescue Needs… Well, Rescue

operationrescuesfinancialconditionWill you be the savior for Operation Rescue? No, not that savior, silly. A financial savior is what they’re looking for, given the precipitous drop in donations, membership, and positive word of mouth since that pesky lil’ murder a few months ago. According to Troy Newman, O.R. holy-roller-in-chief and deeply unsympathetic man, the group is in serious danger of folding completely. Uh… oh no?

Newman blames the economy. But the Wichita-based organization has also taken heavy criticism after the May 31 shooting death of abortion provider George Tiller — not only from abortion-rights supporters but also from anti-abortion militants.

Newman told The Associated Press that the group has only four paid employees left, compared with nine a year ago. Donations are down more than 30 percent, and Newman says he hasn’t been paid in two months.

Another anti-abortion group, Kansans for Life, says it hasn’t seen a noticeable drop in its donations.

Hmm? You mean a comparably crazy group hasn’t seen any decline in money flowing in from the nation’s holier-than-thou set? So it must just be you guys, then. What would the world do without Operation Rescue? Well… we’d probably see a sharp decline in apocalyptic rhetoric, I guess, and maybe fewer annoying obstacles outside clinics. So yeah, we’re okay with this. Time for O.R. to be Lehman’d.


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