Towering Over The Rest Of The Nerds: A Ren Fest Retrospective


As promised, it’s time to take a snarky, mocking look through Ink‘s photo set from Ye Olde Renaissance Festival And Dionysian Meade-Faire. This man, for example, would like to be even farther away from the girls he’ll never talk to. By way of credit, photos are by Mat (sic) Adkins, whom you may perhaps recall as Slimm Photo — one of our old SOTL nemeses. Ah, memories. To the mockery!

Oh, so that’s where Iron Maiden got its name…


We’re not sure who scheduled the Liberace Parade on the same day. Snafu!


“Verily, I knew purchasing this head-cover at Hot Topic was a wise notion. Just look at that maiden across the way giving me the come-hither eye.”


♪”Love-ly la-dies, waiting for a bite/waiting for the customers who only come at night…” ♪


Yes, that’s a fine skill to pass along to further generations.


“For my next trick, I’ll finally move out of my parents’ house!”


Sigh. Aren’t you already at enough of a social disadvantage, amigo?


Five people. Exactly one has seen a girl naked.


And finally: this guy, who openly aspires to never have a normal conversation with a human being ever again.



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