Dastardly Canine Thieves Strike Local Dog Treat Company

thievesatlocaldogtreatcompanyHave you no shame, local four-legged friends? We know that things are tough In This Economy, but knocking over a KCK dog treat manufacturer is just inexcusable. Or perhaps one of your human sympathizers did this for you? Seems a local delivery driver at Blackman Industries has fled, along with $3,000 (!) in dog treats. You know what that’s worth on the street?!? Probably, uh, a lot less.

The inventory was that much short on the deliveries then, Farbman said, and he can’t say for sure how much of the missing goods are Greenie treats, rawhide toys or pig ears, he said.

“I think it’s a little bit of everything,” he said.

In some cases the perpetrator submitted invoices to businesses, got paid in cash and dumped the invoices, Farbman said, and in other cases just took the goods…

The Greenies go for about $25 a pound, with a large pack selling for $19.99, he said, and some people would have jumped at the chance to buy them for half price.

All due respect to Stewart (Carl?) Farbman, but we think perhaps he’s greatly overestimating the black market for dog treats. In any event, we demand justice. Let’s get the KCKPD to stake out local Petco and PetSmart locations — just look for the man selling, um, pig ears from a trunk parked in back. And let’s keep a close eye out for this suspicious-looking man-dog.


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