Looking To Get A Lighter Sentence In Leavenworth? Hey, Just Be Friends With The Mayor!

leavenworthmayorshaybaker“Operation Stonewalled”: no, it’s not just a joke about gay rights or famous generals. Turns out it was the name of a huge drug bust up in ol’ Leavenworth, that haven of crime and mullets north of town. Among those arrested was a gentleman named Billy Trinkle — what is he, a country singer from 1940s Mississippi? — who just got two dimes in the case. But Trinkle has friends in semi-high places: the mayor of Leavenworth, the oddly named Shay Baker, wrote a letter in his defense requesting leniency. Huh? And what’s with this picture? Do mayors of Leavenworth have to go to Glamour Shots for their official portraits?

“I am writing this letter not because I believe Billy is innocent of the crimes he has been convicted of, or because I believe Billy should not be punished for those crimes. I am writing because I believe that Billy should receive a reasonable sentence and some consideration that, in my opinion, Billy can become a contributing and positive citizen after he serves his time,” Baker said.

Power to the people! Who cares if the guy purchased cocaine? He’s a friend of the mayor! Isn’t that enough to knock five years off his sentence? Come on, judge: Billy Trinkle IS the war on drugs! Don’t you trust this face?


It’s a no-brainer, Your Honor.



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9 responses to “Looking To Get A Lighter Sentence In Leavenworth? Hey, Just Be Friends With The Mayor!

  1. çharlie

    Being from LV, I find this blog entry…..


    Love it. Please write more.

  2. çharlie


    quick question. i am redesigning my house. no, you cant tear it down. anyhow, im going for a mid to early 90’s theme…i have these two couches, and this hideous painting, and…. well, i guess what im getting at is: can i please please PLEASE borrow your designer silk patterned shirt for a slip cover for my couch? would look great in my ‘Saved by the Bell’ themed room.

    tia. (thanks in advanced_

  3. Janice

    Doesn’t it make you proud to call Leavenworth home?

  4. Jon

    So what is the issue? That Ms Baker spoke on behalf of a friend and someone she thinks can be reformed or that she wrote the letter on the official stationary of the office she holds? She’s a intelligent and outspoken lady, that stands up for what she believe is right. Whether it be a friend or the issue of possible Gitmo detainees being transferred to Leavenworth. At no point has Mayor Baker stated this drug dealer shouldn’t be punished. She’s totally supports the verdict, judicial system and law enforcement agencies that put Billy Trinkle behind bars! She’s just asking the judge to reduce the sentences so he can have another shot at life and to make amends for his crimes.
    FOR those of you trying to make it personal by attacking Mayor Baker for her beliefs you need to grow up. Why not step into her shoes and LEAD for a while instead of standing on the sidelines and criticizing!
    P.S. If you haven’t taken the time to review just a little of what Shay Baker has done for this community over the years I urge you to take the time and do a lil google search so you can learn. You’ll quickly see she’s dedicated to this community and more importantly the people who compose this community.

    • Ryan

      It’s just a comically unusual situation, amigo. Calm it down a bit.

    • Amanda1

      Are you kidding me? A city leader does not use his or her title to request a lighter sentence for a convicted felon. A city leader with any intelligence would have written the letter to the U.S. District Court on personal stationary and omitted the part about being the city mayor. This was a personal request, and a poorly written one at that. The only way it would have been acceptable to use her office as influence is if the people of the city agreed that Mr. Trinkle should have a lighter sentence. Clearly that is not the case and her judgement was horrible.
      Focus for a minute on Mr. Trinkle. He’s been incarcerated before. Even his mother says there’s no hope. Why in the world would the mayor think there’s hope? Anyone who’s had anything to do with Mr. Trinkle knows it just doesn’t matter to him.

      • Andrew

        I new Billy also and even though he did what he did he actions weren’t no where near as bad as the majority of blacks running crack around this town.

  5. Carnell

    Billy and Paul were both bullies from way back. I remember being at Muncie Elementary and being scared of them on the playground. They were much bigger than the other kids and they used their size to intimidate. Look where it got at least one of them. Justice served.

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