Raymore Felicide Draws Wrath Of Star Readers With Keyboards, Spare Time

nothappywiththeraymorepolicecatkillingUh-oh. If there’s one constituency you want to leave very well alone, it’s people who may potentially write letters to the editor of the local paper of record. Trust us: you never know what these people are going to say. They might announce a run for Congress — which never did go anywhere, Joyce Howard; harumph — or fail miserably in exegesis. Best to just avoid them entirely. Isn’t it a shame, then, that the overlords of the Raymore Police Department have gone and earned the ire of said readers in the wake of that pesky cat-killin’ episode. Tremble in your boots!

The police chief and every last one of his officers should be assigned to community service hours at area shelters, rescue operations and no-kill shelters. Maybe an hour or two on the floor soothing a feral cat that has just been spayed or neutered at one of the city’s low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter clinics would help them to understand the difference.

Candyce Kuebler

Whew! I’m sure glad I don’t have to be afraid of the deaf, declawed old cats when I go to Raymore. I know the police are right on top of things.

The holiday weekend was no excuse to shoot the cat. Someone could have taken it home until they found the owner. I can’t imagine how scared the poor cat must have been.

Shame on the Raymore Police Department.
Sharon Sheets

Oh, man. Fierce, matronly condemnations AND the keen deployment of sarcasm as critical tool? Kind of makes you wonder if the RPD folks regret getting out of bed today. Speaking of Star letters, by the way: does this second one seem vaguely threatening to you? And do you get the feeling that “Sam McDaniel–Independence”‘s tea party threats are pretty much hollow, and that he’s already turned his attention back to Glenn Beck and a can of Old Style?



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3 responses to “Raymore Felicide Draws Wrath Of Star Readers With Keyboards, Spare Time

  1. Luke Thomas

    How would you feel if you had a dog or cat for 19 years, which is a member of your family that you love just as dearly, accidently wander outside. Then three police officers throw your pet (with a noose) in a box, take it to a lone field, then shoot it. Most likely it was writhing in agony because that first bullet most likely didn’t quit kill it the first time. So they shoot it again (what other reason could there be to shoot it twice.) Then they pick up your family member and throw it in the trash. Like garbage. In my opinion, you have to be a very cold heartless screwed up psycho killer to do that to an old feeble cat, who happens to weigh only six pounds and was declawed and toothless. I mean someone who REALLY has a screw loose to shoot a feeble old cat like that in cold blood. What if it were YOUR dog or cat? They did NOT have ANY right to do that. Raymore Police Department must be very proud of themselves – I guess it made them feel like REAL MEN to snuff a poor defenseless old cat, filling its head with lead. You all make me puke!

  2. Luke Thomas

    Let it be a cold hard lesson to ANY law enforcement: If you all are cruel to animals, law enforcement officers and officials are NOT beyond the laws of the land. Be cruel to an animal? –you can be certain you will draw the ANGER and ATTENTION of animal rights activists across the nation. This Raymore Police that snuffed that 19 year old cat has attained just that-national news- and yes I seen the article in a Miami Florida news. It makes Raymore MO-a place I never heard of before-seem like a senseless idiotic hick town full of disgusting red necks like something out of a Jerry Springer show. Really great advertising for the city.

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