In Which The Star Politely Requests That We Stop Stealing Its Stuff

nojoewedidntstealthisoneHow do you know when you’ve reached a certain level of notoriety? When you’re called a thief by the powers that be at the city’s paper of record, of course. And now, alas and at last, we’ve joined the rarefied ranks of those accused of purloining photos from the Star. We received a very polite but stern email from one Joe Ledford, Assistant Managing Editor for photography, in which he firmly says “Hey. We took those. Stop stealing them.” Fair enough.

To whom it may concern,

The Kanas City Star photo department is requesting that you immediately discontinue using The Kansas City Star copyright photos from your web site. Posted on your web site today was an image of  “stretch” and another image from the Renaissance Festival.

Thank you for your cooperation

Despite the mangled grammar — misspelling “Kansas,” using “copyright” instead of “copyrighted,” using “from” instead of “on” — we get the general message. However, when I replied to ask if Joe would like us to take down the photos in question, I got zilch. Nada. Cold shoulder. So, Joe, since you have obviously read this site in the past, I’ll ask you this way: you want us to take down these photos or what? We don’t want to get sued. Comment or email, if you please.



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2 responses to “In Which The Star Politely Requests That We Stop Stealing Its Stuff

  1. Dino

    Well, with the Star‘s new furlough policy in place, it’s hard to know when we may get a response from Mr. Ledford.

  2. very stretched

    i think it was pretty clear, boys.take ’em down.

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