Shay Baker Gets Avada Kedavra’d By Leavenworth Commissioners

shaygetstherecessiontreatmentAt last, though long, our jarring notes agree/And time it is when raging war is done/To smile at ‘scapes and perils overblown. Sad news from the mystical land of Leavenworth tonight: Shay Baker, Glamour Shot princess and friend o’ coke dealers, has been forced out of office by the cruel winds of fate — and by the heartless souls of the Leavenworth City Commission. Alas, poor Shay! I knew her, Horatio: a woman of infinite poor decision-making. The move comes, of course, after Baker lent her pen to the cause of leniency for devoted coca plant fan Billy Trinkle — a kind move, perhaps, but maybe one best done in the capacity of private citizen.

The action came after an emotional apology from Baker, who remains on the City Commission.

“Never at any time did I intend for this letter to be from anyone but me,” she told residents, adding that she did not intend to disrespect the police.

“I apologize if you feel that I have not been a good representative.”

Commissioner Larry Dedeke, a former police officer, said he felt that Baker’s letter was disrespectful to police officers and citizens.

“I think that they’ve been slapped in the face,” he said.

Slapped in the face? Methinks you overstate the matter, sir. What we’re talking about here is a rather poor exercise of judgment by the mayor, not a deliberate attempt to subvert the judicial process or put a thumb in the eye of law enforcement. What’s unfortunate is that we’ve become a scalp-happy culture, in which one must fall in order to properly rectify a wrong. We caught Shay, thanks to the magic of public records, in flagrante delicto trying to help an old friend, no matter how unwise that friendship may have been. Her aims were admirable, but her methods were deeply questionable.

Shay Baker screwed up, to be sure. Is the mistake worth her job? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it deserves more reflection by Larry and Co. Feel free to contribute your own opinion. One thing is certain: Star commenters are here to focus on the real story.

she is cute…

I’d still hit it…

She’s really cute! Too bad she lacks good judgement. Wait…that could work in my favor… haha!

Stay classy, Star commenters.



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4 responses to “Shay Baker Gets Avada Kedavra’d By Leavenworth Commissioners

  1. tcliu

    With the removal of Baker as mayor you have guaranteed that blighted areas will remain uncared for and grow instead of being redeveloped, and with this you have guaranteed that many children will grow up into future Billy Trinkles.

  2. clive

    coke dealers, thug gang members, and bullies are blight………

  3. clive

    yeah like she was going redevelop those areas…..

  4. realitycheck

    I find it funny that the article refers to her as a “Glamour Shot” princess. Were she not young and attractive – this would be a none-issue. The fact is, the exact same act (a plea for leniency) has been going on for years. In fact, good ole Berny M. – you may have heard of him….something about causing a recession…stealing money, etc. etc. Turns out, some Congressmen and local officials wrote letters on his behalf. Yet, there’s been tad amount to nothing published on it.

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