Invasive Feline Terrorizes Parkville

hahathatsnotarealbobcatthatsanactorIt’s been nearly a year since the Great Bobcat Invasion of 2008, but it appears these dastardly felines have no intention of slowing their march through the metro area. The latest target of these purring menaces is the sleepy bedroom community of Parkville, where a bobcat — you may know it as the owner of the most indisputably awesome scientific name in the animal kingdom: Lynx rufus — is hiding behind woodpiles and, sadly, killing small dogs.

“It will attack the animal at night, run with it, you can hear it screaming — it’s rather graphic, so, I’m ready to get rid of it,” Shalz told KMBC’s Maria Antonia…

“I’ve seen the cat multiple times in front of my house. My neighbors have seen the cat,” Shalz said.One dog owner said her Pomeranian was killed by a bobcat.

“The neighbor’s pet was killed, took it to vet — said bite marks were a bobcat’s bite marks,” Shalz said. “I’d like homeowners to know that it is here and to watch their animals.”

That’s a lot of dash usage for one interview, KMBC. Either way, this four-legged Dillinger must be stopped. Sure, today it’s toy dogs. But tomorrow it could be you! Let’s get on this, Department of Conservation. Here’s the video, so that you may be terrified.


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