Jesus-Hating Blue Springs Denies Sign For Local Christian School

thebigmansreactiontotheplazaheightsfiascoWoe is Christianity! The oft-persecuted faith is again under assault from heartless, secular bureaucrats — those evil souls who sit in their heathen dens of government iniquity and devise new ways to keep poor Christians from celebrating their faith freely. The target this time? The Plaza Heights Christian Academy, which decided to earn some publicity by erecting a sign on the property it shares with an affiliated church. The only problem? The property already had a sign! So the city of Blue Springs told them to take it down. Is it because they’re following the city’s rules — or because THEY HATE JESUS? Yeah, it’s the rule thing.

The school is housed in the same building as Plaza Heights Baptist Church.  The church already had a sign in front of the building and the city’s sign code allows for only one sign on a property of that size.

However, gas stations and fast food restaurants don’t have the same limitations.

Scott Allen, Community Development Director for Blue Springs, says the Planning Commission recently denied the schools (sic) request to have a second sign.

One of their concerns was that the school asked for the permit after the sign was already installed.

Oh, so… this was a perfectly judicious ruling? And the school/church side didn’t even follow the proper rules of sign construction — and now has the gall to complain of foul treatment? Yeah, we’re probably gonna have to side with the city on this one. How about this, Plaza Heights Christian Academy: you could share a sign with your church affiliate, no? And maybe not compare houses of education to the shilling of burgers and fried chicken?



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2 responses to “Jesus-Hating Blue Springs Denies Sign For Local Christian School

  1. You’re a whiny ass religious nut, aren’t you.

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