Star Commenters FTW

starcommenterscelebratevictoryovertbcA few posts ago, we shone our underwhelming spotlight on the Star‘s front-page toiletstravaganza, and the ensuing puns and populism therein. But man oh man — any attempt at humor made by these unimpressive twentysomethings pales in comparison to the Seinfeldian excellence brought to the party by the paper’s intrepid commenters, who saw fit to engage in a bit of scatalogical brinkmanship and one-up-ery. And now — because you really, really need to see this — we bring you the finest comments on the story from the Comment Brigade. To the Punmobile!

Audie Murphy – Number 1 in Number 2.

This story is full of crap . . .

This will put a lot less stress on the Muffin Monster I presume.

Great invention. Now make it bigger so people can flush themselves. Make it available to banks.

Send a gross to Washington!!

does this come with a “pruno” recipe book?

Sounds like this guy came up with this brand by sitting on the toilet too long.

I really need to take a Murphy!

[commences slow clap]

You know, sometimes you can sense when you’ve been bested. This, friends, is one of those times. Star commenters — for so long the target of our persecution and ire based upon their jackassery, thinly veiled racism, and grammatical sins — have defeated us. Those are some fine, fine jokes (except for the bank one; trying too hard, mon frere), and we admit that you’ve emerged victorious here. Savor it, anonymous jackals — we have not yet begun to fight.


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