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See, This Is Why We Can’t Just Leave Well Enough Alone

infinityAlonzo takes a moment to comment on a commenter who wrote a note on TKC’s post about faux racism:

The TKC Blog is on fire with people talking about me. Some good comments & many bad ones.  Blogs are made for haters. I am always shocked when I hear good things about myself on them. Yet, I do hear a lot of good things about myself on the blogs.  When I am out in public people always pay me homage.  I kind of hide from people because somedays it can turn into a swarm of people talking to me.  Now, I am going to keep this short. I don’t want beef with any females.  Most females like me unless something is wrong with them.  I have a hater named Yancy Davis.  Check out this long blog of lies she wrote about me. It’s so full of emotion, pain & hate. I think she wants some. Damn, this girl’s panties starts to ride up in her when she begins to write about me. [emphasis Alonzo’s]

Alonzo, you’ve just answered your own questions as to why you believe you have “haters.” Do you really think that someone who makes such misogynist comments is deserving of blind respect? Your good work within the community is truly noble and can be effective, but then you proceed to undermine that good with this hardass act and mind-boggling crassness towards women. You endeavor to be a real-life hero, but you wouldn’t find Superman saying things like,  “most females like me unless something is wrong with them.” Unless, of course, it was after he’d been exposed to Red Kryptonite in Superman III. He was a bit out of character at that time. Continue reading



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Hustle & Flow Charts

So it’s been an interesting day here at TBC. This evening, we were sitting back and going over how we got to this point in the absurdly ridiculous Battle O’ Bloggers — which, incidentally, is a wholly fabricated feud being built up by other bloggers — when we realized the only way to really retrace how a series of jokes about interview attire became a spat between a community activist and a bunch of folks who make jokes about stuff in their spare time was to break it down…flow chart style.



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Racists? Us? Let’s Talk About This.

It was probably inevitable that a silly blog war between our humble site and professional crimefighter/muscle shirt aficionado Alonzo Washington would result in some kind of accusation. And it came (sort of) this morning in the form of a perfectly logical defense of Alonzo over at Tony’s site. He’s right, of course: Alonzo has done some great work — clothing choices notwithstanding — in and for the community, and it’s important to have local figures unaffiliated with law enforcement who can help bring in tips. Our criticism (if it can be called that) of Alonzo was tw0-pronged: first, that his self-aggrandizing posturing can often seem more self-serving than anything else, as if he’s gotten to close to his characters; second, that his (and indeed everyone’s) blogging credibility is weakened by his total lack of basic grammar skills. Minor points all. So why the racism card? Well, Alonzo is a well-known black figure and we are anonymous and admittedly white figures — or as Alonzo puts it, “dry, burby & square.” While I’ll admit to being an insufferable grammar snob (I prefer to avoid “Grammar Nazi,” as Tony puts it, if only because it strays so close to Godwin’s Law), I must categorically deny that any writer for this site possesses even an ounce of racist thought. But more importantly: how did we start to conflate criticism of a minority figure with criticism of minorities? MORE


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Alonzo Washington Hires Non-Native Speaker To Compose Latest Tirade Against Us

savingtheworldfromgoodgrammarWhat other excuse could there be? In the latest chapter of our ongoing e-war with local crimefighter and muscle shirt enthusiast Alonzo Washington, the MySpace blogger extraordinaire has obviously outsourced his ranting to Mumbai or some other bastion of cheap labor. Call it deductive reasoning, but we simply refuse to believe that a speaker of our mother tongue could assemble a group of words and clauses that is so bad, and so riddled with errors. It starts with the headline: Man, all the bloggers want 2 dog me out! It goes on in typical Washingtonian fashion, with particular gems in bold:

Someone  let me know that the bottomline comunications blog did a blog about me and another blog.  It was all designed to make me look bad. I realy like it when the cover me because it makes me more known in the city.  I just wonder why I have so many haters.  I guess I am a Black Man on TV and I am not a criminal.  That most likely makes most of the communities in the burbs upset. Plus, these bloogers (!) like to get off into the grammer of this Myspace blog.  This is a uncoventional approach to getting tips about crime in this hell hole we call Kansas City.  The biggest thing is that it works.  I don’t get paid for it and write in my sleep.  It not supposed to be perfect.  It’s suppose be different to reach a certain group of people who would never talk to the Po Po. Whit I notice is that most of these bloggers have bad things to say without cuvering the truth.  This blog solved a murder case of a marine, It obtained information about the Renee Pernice case & it gets countless tips.  The fact that I am cool, Black and in the press makes them down play hwhat I have done in this city.  I am the reason the Precious Doe case went national and I solved the case. The blogger would rather find away to play down my efforts when all of them know none of them will ever do anything as great as I have done. There are no other activist in this town Black or White who has had as much success with their activism as me.  None of them can tell you that the have done what the set out to do. I know I solve crimes, get tips & bring attention to local crimes.  That’s  just a fact.  I like the bloggers talking about me. However, I know that the really want to down play how great I am & how good I am at what I do.  Read this.

Look homeward Alonzo now, and melt with ruth/And O ye crimefighters, waft the hapless youth. Truly inspiring, provided you’re looking for inspiration to corrupt a language. (Though we have to admit it’s kind of awesome being called “bloogers.”) But wait… could there possibly be more?!? Yup. MORE


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