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Jason Whitlock Takes Absurd, Sexist Non-Logic To Dizzying New Heights

jasonwhitlockissmoothwiththeladiesNow that Star columnist and local semi-celebrity Jason Whitlock has ended his crusade to revise the Power & Light dress code, he has moved on to other projects. What other projects, you ask? Well, how about writing about tennis — and Wimbledon in particular? Yes, there’s a nice, classy subject for you. Maybe he could discuss how awesome that Rod/Fed final was. Or about the mini-controversy surrounding the new roof over Center Centre Court. Those would all be lovely topics. Oh, but hey: he could also make the bizarre claim that Serena Williams is being held back by her own robust dimensions. Um… yeah. Let the craziness commence. MORE



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Jason Whitlock Brags About Sartorial Taste, Imitates Samuel L. Jackson

jasonwhitlockissmoothwiththeladiesSo: Jason Whitlock, Kansas City’s very own racially incendiary columnist, is a good dresser. He’d like you to know that up front. What he’ll also tell you is that he is not a fan of the Power And/Or Light District, whose judgeandjury bouncers see fit to keep J-Dub and his friends out of something called “Shark Bar” based simply on what the group is wearing. And what would that be? Oh, he’s more than happy to provide details. MORE


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