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Time To End The War Of Attrition Plaguing The Star‘s Letters Section

Dear Kansas City,
Look, we get it. A lot of you are upset. A third of you think that President Hope is running this country into the ground. A third of you think racism is driving any and all criticism of the administration. And a third of you pretty much don’t care, which makes you the worst portion of the pie chart. But for now, let’s focus on the yeas and the nays — those all-too-vocal citizens who are reenacting the Thrilla in Manila in the pages of the Star‘s Letters to the Editor section. Every day for about three months, there has been a letter either warning of a looming apocalypse or warning of the lunatics saying such things. Today’s letter, a rambling, illogical, and shrill missive, from Leawood’s Pam Zubeck is evidence that the debate has finally gone too far. Some samples of its low points:

It doesn’t take a talk show host to make reasonable, rational individuals realize there is something wrong with the way this country is being run today… News flash to the left: You don’t own the First Amendment… It seems to me the 9/12 protesters are the very people who are trying to save this republic… The “progressives” of 1776 gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor so we can be free. The “progressives” of 2009 in no way resemble the “progressives” of the American Revolution… The 2009 progressives want enslavement to the government… Don’t call yourself a progressive and then say you’re in the same league with Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, because you’re not even close.

Well. I’m not sure I have the energy to point out exactly why Ms. Zubeck has deep-sixed reality so fervently, but perhaps a message to the respective sides will help us end at least one theater of this war: the Star‘s letters section. Because, you know, we need more room for stuff like this. Anyway, to the lecturing. MORE


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In case you’re interested, Missouri’s mediocre ex-governor has a mediocre piece in today’s Journal.

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Jesus-Hating Blue Springs Denies Sign For Local Christian School

thebigmansreactiontotheplazaheightsfiascoWoe is Christianity! The oft-persecuted faith is again under assault from heartless, secular bureaucrats — those evil souls who sit in their heathen dens of government iniquity and devise new ways to keep poor Christians from celebrating their faith freely. The target this time? The Plaza Heights Christian Academy, which decided to earn some publicity by erecting a sign on the property it shares with an affiliated church. The only problem? The property already had a sign! So the city of Blue Springs told them to take it down. Is it because they’re following the city’s rules — or because THEY HATE JESUS? Yeah, it’s the rule thing.

The school is housed in the same building as Plaza Heights Baptist Church.  The church already had a sign in front of the building and the city’s sign code allows for only one sign on a property of that size.

However, gas stations and fast food restaurants don’t have the same limitations.

Scott Allen, Community Development Director for Blue Springs, says the Planning Commission recently denied the schools (sic) request to have a second sign.

One of their concerns was that the school asked for the permit after the sign was already installed.

Oh, so… this was a perfectly judicious ruling? And the school/church side didn’t even follow the proper rules of sign construction — and now has the gall to complain of foul treatment? Yeah, we’re probably gonna have to side with the city on this one. How about this, Plaza Heights Christian Academy: you could share a sign with your church affiliate, no? And maybe not compare houses of education to the shilling of burgers and fried chicken?


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So I Guess They Were Jovial Vandals, Then?


As you may have heard this morning, some local mountebanks took it upon themselves to hit the improbably named Penguin Park with some anti-Obama graffiti last night. But judging from this screenshot, we can at least be comforted by the fact that they left one positive message amongst the swastikas and slanders. Classy.

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Star Gets Weekly Letter From Constitutionally Illiterate Conservative

settingupanorganicconstitutionSheesh. This is getting to be a near-weekly occurrence: some metro area supporter of John Sidney McCain III, fed up with the government takeover orchestrated by that socialist Kenyan, pens a poorly reasoned and logically unsound letter to the editor of the Star, which dutifully prints the letter in the name of open debate. The only problem? The people firing off these missives do little more than reveal just a stunning lack of understanding about — well, about pretty much everything. This week the batter is Joe Neuner of Olathe, who probably needs to study how Con Law actually works.

Practically everything Obama has proposed or done thus far in his term as president could be challenged in a court of law as unconstitutional. This appears quite unseemly for a person who gratuitously describes himself as a constitutional lawyer.

For example, where in the Constitution does it allow a president to require anyone to purchase health insurance? Where does it allow him to take over publicly owned companies such as General Motors or Chrysler? Where is his authority to fire the CEO of GM? Where is his authority to appoint more than 30 “czars” who are accountable to no one but him? It goes on ad nauseam.

The folks marching on Washington were right. We need to rid ourselves of all of the watchdogs in Congress. Not one of them has made a peep. Throw all of the bums out. Getting rid of some of the media is not a bad idea, either.

Bravo, Joe! Your scholarship is obviously important to you. Unfortunately, it’s also almost totally wrong. MORE

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Shay Baker Maintains Intense Focus On What’s Important During Very Trying Day


Here we can see, courtesy of deposed Leavenworth Mayor Shay Baker’s Facebook page — why is it that public servants don’t make their pages private? — that she knows what’s really important on this difficult day. You can also read, courtesy of the Star (Hey, we’re just linking! No stealing!), Ms. Baker’s rambling and syntactically unsound statement on the matter. Soon this long regional nightmare will be behind us.

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Shay Baker Gets Avada Kedavra’d By Leavenworth Commissioners

shaygetstherecessiontreatmentAt last, though long, our jarring notes agree/And time it is when raging war is done/To smile at ‘scapes and perils overblown. Sad news from the mystical land of Leavenworth tonight: Shay Baker, Glamour Shot princess and friend o’ coke dealers, has been forced out of office by the cruel winds of fate — and by the heartless souls of the Leavenworth City Commission. Alas, poor Shay! I knew her, Horatio: a woman of infinite poor decision-making. The move comes, of course, after Baker lent her pen to the cause of leniency for devoted coca plant fan Billy Trinkle — a kind move, perhaps, but maybe one best done in the capacity of private citizen.

The action came after an emotional apology from Baker, who remains on the City Commission.

“Never at any time did I intend for this letter to be from anyone but me,” she told residents, adding that she did not intend to disrespect the police.

“I apologize if you feel that I have not been a good representative.”

Commissioner Larry Dedeke, a former police officer, said he felt that Baker’s letter was disrespectful to police officers and citizens.

“I think that they’ve been slapped in the face,” he said.

Slapped in the face? Methinks you overstate the matter, sir. What we’re talking about here is a rather poor exercise of judgment by the mayor, not a deliberate attempt to subvert the judicial process or put a thumb in the eye of law enforcement. What’s unfortunate is that we’ve become a scalp-happy culture, in which one must fall in order to properly rectify a wrong. We caught Shay, thanks to the magic of public records, in flagrante delicto trying to help an old friend, no matter how unwise that friendship may have been. Her aims were admirable, but her methods were deeply questionable.

Shay Baker screwed up, to be sure. Is the mistake worth her job? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it deserves more reflection by Larry and Co. Feel free to contribute your own opinion. One thing is certain: Star commenters are here to focus on the real story.

she is cute…

I’d still hit it…

She’s really cute! Too bad she lacks good judgement. Wait…that could work in my favor… haha!

Stay classy, Star commenters.


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