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Cultural Anthropologist Jason Whitlock Finally Explains Street Culture To KC

jasonwhitlockissmoothwiththeladiesRegular readers of this site know that we are no fans of Jason Whitlock, the Star‘s painfully unfunny sports race columnist. His commendable reporting skills have slipped in recent years, replaced by tired rants, pitiable reliance on allegedly hip slang, and odd digressions about the female body. But at long last, Jason has turned his sights to his true passion: explaining street culture to staid white people. Finally! The city has long awaited a professional anthropologist who could delve into the minds of black youth and plumb the depths of their upbringing, bringing shallow and pithy analysis to the pages of a once-great paper. And now Jason has his chance with the little donnybrook over in Lawrence. So prepare yourself, for Dr. Whitlock is about to begin. MORE


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Time To End The War Of Attrition Plaguing The Star‘s Letters Section

Dear Kansas City,
Look, we get it. A lot of you are upset. A third of you think that President Hope is running this country into the ground. A third of you think racism is driving any and all criticism of the administration. And a third of you pretty much don’t care, which makes you the worst portion of the pie chart. But for now, let’s focus on the yeas and the nays — those all-too-vocal citizens who are reenacting the Thrilla in Manila in the pages of the Star‘s Letters to the Editor section. Every day for about three months, there has been a letter either warning of a looming apocalypse or warning of the lunatics saying such things. Today’s letter, a rambling, illogical, and shrill missive, from Leawood’s Pam Zubeck is evidence that the debate has finally gone too far. Some samples of its low points:

It doesn’t take a talk show host to make reasonable, rational individuals realize there is something wrong with the way this country is being run today… News flash to the left: You don’t own the First Amendment… It seems to me the 9/12 protesters are the very people who are trying to save this republic… The “progressives” of 1776 gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor so we can be free. The “progressives” of 2009 in no way resemble the “progressives” of the American Revolution… The 2009 progressives want enslavement to the government… Don’t call yourself a progressive and then say you’re in the same league with Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, because you’re not even close.

Well. I’m not sure I have the energy to point out exactly why Ms. Zubeck has deep-sixed reality so fervently, but perhaps a message to the respective sides will help us end at least one theater of this war: the Star‘s letters section. Because, you know, we need more room for stuff like this. Anyway, to the lecturing. MORE

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See, This Is Why We Can’t Just Leave Well Enough Alone

infinityAlonzo takes a moment to comment on a commenter who wrote a note on TKC’s post about faux racism:

The TKC Blog is on fire with people talking about me. Some good comments & many bad ones.  Blogs are made for haters. I am always shocked when I hear good things about myself on them. Yet, I do hear a lot of good things about myself on the blogs.  When I am out in public people always pay me homage.  I kind of hide from people because somedays it can turn into a swarm of people talking to me.  Now, I am going to keep this short. I don’t want beef with any females.  Most females like me unless something is wrong with them.  I have a hater named Yancy Davis.  Check out this long blog of lies she wrote about me. It’s so full of emotion, pain & hate. I think she wants some. Damn, this girl’s panties starts to ride up in her when she begins to write about me. [emphasis Alonzo’s]

Alonzo, you’ve just answered your own questions as to why you believe you have “haters.” Do you really think that someone who makes such misogynist comments is deserving of blind respect? Your good work within the community is truly noble and can be effective, but then you proceed to undermine that good with this hardass act and mind-boggling crassness towards women. You endeavor to be a real-life hero, but you wouldn’t find Superman saying things like,  “most females like me unless something is wrong with them.” Unless, of course, it was after he’d been exposed to Red Kryptonite in Superman III. He was a bit out of character at that time. Continue reading


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Hustle & Flow Charts

So it’s been an interesting day here at TBC. This evening, we were sitting back and going over how we got to this point in the absurdly ridiculous Battle O’ Bloggers — which, incidentally, is a wholly fabricated feud being built up by other bloggers — when we realized the only way to really retrace how a series of jokes about interview attire became a spat between a community activist and a bunch of folks who make jokes about stuff in their spare time was to break it down…flow chart style.



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KC Star No Longer Pussyfooting Around With Headlines; Vows To Call ‘Em As They See ‘Em

bicycle_thiefYikes, the Star is not mincing words when it comes to describing bike thieves:

Thugs beat cyclist, steal his bike in River Market area

Two thugs beat a 49-year-old man with a 2-by-4-inch piece of wood and stole his bicycle Thursday night near Fifth and Oak streets.

The victim, who lives in the area, was walking with his 10-speed bike about 7 p.m. when one man hit him in the head with the wood, knocking the victim down. That attacker and another man then punched the victim in the chest and abdomen and took his bike.

Holy crap, a two-by-four? Indeed, that is a key thuggery tool.

The kansascity.commenters are already all over this story — in fact, we’re going to give a few of them the stage…er…computer screen for a moment. Read on for some entertaining bits… Continue reading

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KC Man Uses Judge Cartoon To Deploy Thinly Veiled Insinuations, Incorrect Quotation Marks

hereswhattomisinsinuatingDon’t you just hate it when those self-righteous editorial cartoonists use their position in the durn liberal media to excoriate real ‘mericans? Yeah, us too. Apparently Star pseudo-employee Lee Judge recently kinda sorta (but probably not really) implied that all Republicans are racists because of, er, Gates-gate. And there’s one man who’s not happy about this: Tom Karczewski of KCMO, and he’s taking to the Star‘s Unfettered Letters blog to let his thoughts be heard. Oh, and he’s bringing The Gay stereotypes.

Will someone, anyone, please tell Lee Judge that we “get it” already when it comes to his utter disdain and contempt for Republicans and conservatives? His cartoon of 8/2, depicting two Republicans easing their “racial anxieties” with two gargantuan beers, is in poor taste. It suggests that all Republicans are racists, and any reasonable person knows that’s not true.

I wonder what Judge drinks when he bellies up to the bar with his Democratic and liberal friends to discuss race or other issues of the day. I’m guessing pink Chablis or perhaps a really nice white Zin. He may even get a little crazy and order a cosmopolitan, or go way overboard by slamming back a Jager. For all I know, Judge may drink Jameson shooters, but I don’t know that. Just as he has no way of knowing that all Republicans are racists.

Yeah, Lee! We “get it” already! Besides, you’re probably just some pink Chablis-swilling, Volvo-driving friend of Dorothy! So what if Tom knows nothing about your drinking habits? He’s a real American, dammit!

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Supafly Investigation Of Jacked Up Jazzy Jeff Incident Concludes Nothing, In Typical Poseur Fashion

thisistheguywhogotkickedoutofpandlhuhHey, remember when self-proclaimed hip-hop icon DJ Jazzy Jeff was kinda sorta kicked offstage in the Power & Light District? It had all the makings of a semi-important racial incident in the already racially troubled P&L — even attracting the attention of buttocks expert Jason Whitlock. Well, the city saw fit to let loose the dogs of bureaucracy to get to the bottom of the whole thing, and after a few months, the Kansas City Human Relations Department has issued its conclusive report. The findings? Um…

A city investigation could not determine the truth behind why a concert by hip-hop icon DJ Jazzy Jeff ended early in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Human Relations department recently investigated two different versions of what happened on June 6 during a Jazzy Jeff concert at Kansas City’s Power and Light District…

Civil rights manager Mickey Dean said he wasn’t able to determine which of the two sides was telling the truth.

Now, to our knowledge the work of such a board should not be stopped by such a quandary. To get around such problems, one usually interviews witnesses, goes to the tape, and explores other methods of investigation. What one does not do is call it quits by saying “Hey, we don’t know either!” All that does is further weaken trust in a city government quickly fading in relevance.

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