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‘Oh, Alright. It’s 913-41… Wait, Is That An Affliction Shirt? Uh, I Have To Go.’


The biggest thrill of the day comes courtesy of the Star‘s photo set from a party at a place where I’d be murdered south Overland Park motorsports… dealer, or something. The photographer caught this priceless scene, where an obviously intoxicated female reluctantly gives her digits to a very demanding gentleman. Please believe us when we say you simply must look through every photo.


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Men Of UMKC Totally Standin’ Up For Women, Bro

worstfrathazingeveratumkcPerhaps you heard that yesterday was the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event across the country. That means, apparently, doing what you can to stop domestic violence and sexual assault and all those other awul things that degenerate males think are okay. The whole “walk a mile” thing, though? That’s kind of a metaphor, dating back to the age-old maxim. Oops: someone forgot to explain to the gentlemen of UMKC — the Harvard of Midtown — exactly how a metaphor operates. (And they’re probably pretty fuzzy on metonymy and synecdoche, too. ) The result? Perhaps the strangest fraternity initiation ever.

They say if you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you’ll understand them better.

That’s what several hundred men did Tuesday night by walking in high-heeled shoes…

“If I can make a stand, a difference in the world, I’m down with that.”

Yeah, dude! We are also so down with that! Stopping violence against women is just off the hook — almost as awesome as The Blueprint 3.

Also included in the story was this little gem:

The event also encourages men to respect women, even if that respect is earned by wearing pumps.”

I just did it for 10 minutes. People who do it all day — that’s hard,” one walker said.

Uh… if we really cared about respecting women, wouldn’t we just stop perpetuating a system that makes them wear painfully uncomfortable, aesthetically preposterous shoes? Just sayin’.

Photo via KMBC. Please don’t sue us.

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Towering Over The Rest Of The Nerds: A Ren Fest Retrospective


As promised, it’s time to take a snarky, mocking look through Ink‘s photo set from Ye Olde Renaissance Festival And Dionysian Meade-Faire. This man, for example, would like to be even farther away from the girls he’ll never talk to. By way of credit, photos are by Mat (sic) Adkins, whom you may perhaps recall as Slimm Photo — one of our old SOTL nemeses. Ah, memories. To the mockery! MORE

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Despite Badass Paint Job, Lonely Golf Cart Driver Finds No Acceptance At Shawnee Hot Rod Show


Some sights just bum the hell out of you. This is one of them. From the Star‘s photo collection showcasing the jort-fest that is the Shawnee car and motorcycle show, we find this picture of a sad soul indeed. He probably stayed up all night painting those flames on his golf cart, and what does he get? The cold shoulder. The Forrest Gump bus treatment. Is there no justice in Shawnee, sirs?

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After Visit To Village West Hooters, Cerner CEO Reveals Why Soccer Complex Really Changed Locations


Ahem. Here we see local businessman of note Neal Patterson explaining to his frat brothers exactly why the company chose the, er, ample real estate of WyCo over the sad-sack Bannister Mall area.

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Axe-Wielding Mini-Ferrigno Ruins Renaissance Festival Opening


Quite a sight to behold from the Star‘s collection of Ye Olde Renaissance Festival And Feast Of Merlin Mead-Faire pictures. Apparently this wee lad misinterpreted this year’s “pirate adventure” theme as “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” Very odd. Of course, that’s not the only weird sight to be found in these pictures, which contain as much innocent nerdery and cringe-inducing decolletage as you can handle… MORE


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Ink Predicts Fall Weather, Fall Of Man With Semi-Scandalous Photo Session


Ahem. Here, courtesy of the sassy kids over at Ink — many of whom, it’s worth noting, are totally upstanding and awesome people — comes an adventure in both male leering and Genesisian exegesis. Meet Shena Anderson, who apparently holds the title of “Miss Riot Room 2008” — which competition we’re guessing is seriously rivalrous with the notorious Miss Record Bar contest. Shena is the face of this week’s back to (s)c(h)ool issue, and by the looks of things, original sin is far from the minds of KC’s heterogametic citizens.

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