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Ice Cream + Drugs = Pineapple Express-Worthy Hilarity

toobadhecouldntalsosellicecreamAh, leave it to Leavenworth to bring us the GREATEST STORY OF ALL TIME. Seriously. Are there even words to describe just how amazingly awesome this little narrative is?

Rather than stand at a barren street corner, a teenager and a young man chose to sell their drugs from an ice cream truck, Leavenworth police said today.

Chief Patrick Kitchens said a tip led to the arrest of the two — a 20-year-old from Kansas City and a 17-year-old from Lawrence —on possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A parent tried to buy some ice cream from the truck Thursday evening.

“And in addition to buying his ice cream, the suspect offered to sell him a bong, which took him aback,” Kitchens said.

Okay, okay. Now wait a second: isn’t the key to being an effectively clandestine drug dealer to let the customer ask you for the product? If you’re offering a cone-seeking parent some paraphernalia — and why a bong instead of the cannabis? — aren’t you basically asking for trouble? On the other hand, though, these gents did an admirable job of eliminating the middle man between weed and the inevitable snacking that follows the demon plant. Word is their first choice was a Doritos truck.


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