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Oh, look: the buffoonish Jason Whitlock wrote another column about Serena Williams. Does he insult her weight again? Yup: And everyone knows damn well if Serena dropped 20 pounds and focused on her game, she’d be untouchable. Nice. Jason, you… you realize you’re a big guy, right? Well, at least you managed to avoid the great Stuffed Onion v. Oozing Pumpkin debate.


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Jason Whitlock Takes Absurd, Sexist Non-Logic To Dizzying New Heights

jasonwhitlockissmoothwiththeladiesNow that Star columnist and local semi-celebrity Jason Whitlock has ended his crusade to revise the Power & Light dress code, he has moved on to other projects. What other projects, you ask? Well, how about writing about tennis — and Wimbledon in particular? Yes, there’s a nice, classy subject for you. Maybe he could discuss how awesome that Rod/Fed final was. Or about the mini-controversy surrounding the new roof over Center Centre Court. Those would all be lovely topics. Oh, but hey: he could also make the bizarre claim that Serena Williams is being held back by her own robust dimensions. Um… yeah. Let the craziness commence. MORE


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