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Looking for a laugh? Page through this forum discussion on Mom2Mom about the ethics of banning books. Sample quote: As far as banning the books, it depends what you mean by banning. Do I think they should be burned? No. Trenchant!


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Mom2Mom Discovers This Whole ‘Twitter’ Thing The Kids Keep Talking About

42-15277528So have you heard of this silly little microblogging service? Apparently it lets you post your thoughts and opinions in 140 characters or fewer. Oh, right: of course you’ve heard of it — because you can’t pick up a goddamn newspaper without finding a lede like “In the age of Facebook and Twitter…” Sheesh. Way to be creative, MSM; this is up there with “In this economy…” Well, you know who just discovered this crazy “Twitter” phenomenon? The bored housewives over at Mom2Mom, the Star‘s underwhelming blog about celebrity gossip and chocolate issues affecting modern KC mothers. Mom2Mom editrix Kady McMaster — which we’ll admit is kind of an awesome name; sounds like an Elmore Leonard character — has instructed all her mindless drone followers to look into this whole Twitterizing thing themselves.

I learned a TON, but my No. 1 take-away? Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! If you are a blogger and you don’t yet Tweet, you will be soon. It’s the THING. It’s a great, speedy way to share links and get people to your blog quick.

Mom2mom’s Twitter handle is mom2momkc. Check us out on Twitter.com. And follow us! We update every day with a link to the newest blog on the site. And after the BlogHer conference, I’ve vowed to update even MORE on site topics of broad interest. Stay tuned on that one. 🙂

Oh, lord. Mom2Mom is Twitterifying? Yes, it’s true. And the updates are just as scintillating as you might imagine.

Today’s Blogger: We’re Not Coming to Your Birthday Party. You’re Welcome. http://bit.ly/19R23F12:33 AM Sep 12th from twitterfeed

Today’s Blogger: To Tuck or Not to Tuck, That is the Question http://bit.ly/3RxZgS12:56 PM Sep 9th from twitterfeed

Wow, what a wonderfully useful social tool. Thanks, Mom2Mom.

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Weep, Citizens! Know Ye Not That A SkyFox Has Fallen This Day?

thedeardepartedskyfoxDozens of business sectors have had a tough go In This Economy, and it appears that recessionomics has finally reached into that previously impenetrable world of useless local news station helicopters. Sadly, the Star‘s Aaron Barnhart is forced to report that Fox 4’s rotor-operated eye in the sky is no more — a victim, alas, of a) the economic maelstrom, and b) the totally pointless ownership of helicopters. Fox 4 GM Cheryl McDonald responds to Aaron’s queries, with typical PR flackishness and words that don’t really mean anything:

After careful consideration of the costs going forward and the ample technological developments that have become available in the process of news gathering and coverage, we have decided it more prudent not to renew our helicopter contract at this time and to utilize our financial resources elsewhere.

This decision does not signal in any way a reduced commitment to traffic and breaking news coverage for our viewers. In fact FOX 4 has the most advanced traffic system in the market, with more cameras, traffic sensors, e-mail and cell phone notifications, 3D renderings of every road and Highway, and the most precise drive time information available.

Wait, wait… 3D renderings of every road and “H”ighway? What are you, a wizard? And isn’t there a certain uselessness to all this? After all, you could summarize every piece of KC driving information and advice with the following:  Avoid 35 and 70 during rush hour. There, we just saved you millions of dollars a year.

We’ve never quite seen the point of local news helicopters. They seem to possess limited inherent worth; how many times do we need to see an aerial shot of a post-chase police scene, or see a wall of clouds which may or may not form a tornado? We’re calling the retirement of SkyFox — loss of an awesome name aside — a pretty sound decision.


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Crazy Star Blogger Walter Winch Declares End Of Modern World; Claim Falls Into Unread Internet Ether

walterwinchhasamessageforyoukansascityTracking the asinine online ramblings of Star blogger Walter Winch (though please note that the paper takes care to separate itself from his opinions on the KC Earth Notes blog) has long been a peculiar passion of ours. Where else can one find the sprawling diatribes of a man committed to the cause of environmental fundamentalism — in the venue of a totally unread and widely ignored online forum? The answer, quite simply, is “nowhere.” That’s why we were somewhat alarmed to see that Walter has gone ahead and declared the end of the whole structure of industrial capitalism; after all, doesn’t this mean we’re in a bit of trouble? Have we plum tuckered out the system? Is Walter right? Does this transcend mere Earth-caretaking and point to something larger within our nature? Let’s let him explain it.

Our global economic system that has been unfolding over the past one-hundred years or so will, I think, slowly (maybe not so slowly) creak to a halt. It’s unsustainable, especially if another two billion people believe they’re entitled to the same standard of living as much of the West has had over at least the last 60 years…

If we Americans can take our blinders off fairly soon (being optimistic), we just might be able to adapt better and faster than anyone else to the changes that are rapidly approaching. No motherhood, apple pie, and free-market blather will stop what’s coming our way.

NOOO! According to Walter — who truly boasts one of the worst photos anywhere on the Star‘s site; he looks like an extra from The Last Starfighter — we need to make some serious changes, and fast. So, how was this bold prediction greeted on the Earth Notes blog? Um… crickets. No comments. No angry emails or letters to the editor. In a word: yawn. Come on, people! Do ye not realize that Walter is like a modern-day shrouded prophet? One day soon, our global system will indeed fall — and Walter will be there laughing at your lamentations. Of course, no one will hear him then, either. Alas.

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Mom2Mom User Inadvertently Reveals Intelligence Level Of Bored Housewives


“Surrogant”? Seriously? And contributor “c&cmomma” — and let’s assume she’s not related to the seminal music troupe — offers further evidence of her Mensa-worthy intellect a bit later on the post, all sic: Plus, how hill-billy would it sound, to say “I’m having my cousins baby.” (Insert bango music). How hillbilly indeed, c&cmomma.

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