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@Worthlessness: Star Reporter Uses Twitter To Obsess Over Autumn, Mexican Food

whatcronkletonistweetingaboutAs I am frequently reminded, I am alone among this site’s contributors in failing to grasp the value of Twitter, that vogue-ish haven of solipsism social networking tool that all The Kids seem to be talking about. Call me crazy, but I’m a bit skeptical on this whole “not worried about profits” thing; haven’t we been down this road? It also seems that for every user sharing news and links, there are ten users sharing their thoughts on the weather and what they plan to eat for lunch. Case in point? The Star‘s Robert Cronkleton — owner of the most awesomely dinosaurian name in all of local media — and his Twitter feed, which satisfies us all with scintillating updates (again, and again, and again…) on his most pressing personal issues. The latest? Mexican food, and his lack of ingredients therein. Oh, and how much he loves fall. MORE



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Mom2Mom Discovers This Whole ‘Twitter’ Thing The Kids Keep Talking About

42-15277528So have you heard of this silly little microblogging service? Apparently it lets you post your thoughts and opinions in 140 characters or fewer. Oh, right: of course you’ve heard of it — because you can’t pick up a goddamn newspaper without finding a lede like “In the age of Facebook and Twitter…” Sheesh. Way to be creative, MSM; this is up there with “In this economy…” Well, you know who just discovered this crazy “Twitter” phenomenon? The bored housewives over at Mom2Mom, the Star‘s underwhelming blog about celebrity gossip and chocolate issues affecting modern KC mothers. Mom2Mom editrix Kady McMaster — which we’ll admit is kind of an awesome name; sounds like an Elmore Leonard character — has instructed all her mindless drone followers to look into this whole Twitterizing thing themselves.

I learned a TON, but my No. 1 take-away? Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! If you are a blogger and you don’t yet Tweet, you will be soon. It’s the THING. It’s a great, speedy way to share links and get people to your blog quick.

Mom2mom’s Twitter handle is mom2momkc. Check us out on Twitter.com. And follow us! We update every day with a link to the newest blog on the site. And after the BlogHer conference, I’ve vowed to update even MORE on site topics of broad interest. Stay tuned on that one. 🙂

Oh, lord. Mom2Mom is Twitterifying? Yes, it’s true. And the updates are just as scintillating as you might imagine.

Today’s Blogger: We’re Not Coming to Your Birthday Party. You’re Welcome. http://bit.ly/19R23F12:33 AM Sep 12th from twitterfeed

Today’s Blogger: To Tuck or Not to Tuck, That is the Question http://bit.ly/3RxZgS12:56 PM Sep 9th from twitterfeed

Wow, what a wonderfully useful social tool. Thanks, Mom2Mom.

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@Hilarity: OMG! No Tweets Drng Prctice? WTF, Chiefs?

sportsreportersatchiefspracticeIf your idea of getting essential sports news is poring through the latest worthless, self-indulgent updates from pale white men who never became professional athletes, then this is a bad day for you. The Chiefs have Avada Kedavra’d the emerging use of what The Kids are calling Twitter, saying the team’s beat reporters cannot use the unbelievably self-aggrandizing medium (“You’re also watching Conan? Squee!”) while at practice in River Falls. This comes despite a “league memo” that teams should actually encourage the use of Twitter. The flap comes on the heels of MN QB Tarvaris Jackson’s little adventure this week.

Several NFL teams, including the Chiefs, are making sure reporters stay off Twitter during training camp. At least seven teams prevent reporters from tweeting during practices.

Driving the clampdown is fear that privileged information will get leaked. Some NFL teams have even banned their players from using Twitter.

Well, okay. But how does this affect the crucial reporting of the Star‘s Kent Babb, who has provided KC readers with simply essential information from training camp? This of course includes must-read breaking news, such as:

kb_kcstar: @photogwingsfan: If I ever see a real Centaur, I’m finishing my drink and walking in the opposite direction.

Sigh. Way to prove them wrong, Babb.

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